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Fans are cheering about his new bald head

Fans are cheering about his new bald head

Goodbye head of hair! Robbie Williams inspires his fans on Instagram with a new and recognizable look.

The basics in brief

  • Robbie Williams is now bald.
  • His wife, Aida Field Williams, was allowed to play the role of hairstylist.
  • Fans are delighted with Robbie’s ’90s look!

Well who is this? Surprised Robbie Williams (47 years old) Instagram With a radical new look. But his fans are happy!

British singer I guess I was in the mood for something new. According to the slogan “Snap, snap, remove hair,” the beloved said goodbye to the man’s mane. his wife Aida Field Williams (42) She was allowed to experiment with hairdressing.

in one InstagramA video showing how the American actress shaves the head of her lover. “When it comes to his hair, it’s all or nothing… and it seems like nothing now,” Aida jokes below the post.

Robbie Williams: Fans chant about baldness

She looks very satisfied with her result, smiling proudly for the camera after shaving her bald head. On the other hand, Robbie still has to get used to his new self. Confused, he hits his head with his hand.

There is cause for concern Monastery «Angels» – interpretation but not. His fans are happy and can’t stop raving! Because: Ruby’s new look isn’t new.

How do you like Robbie Williams’ new look?

More than 20 years ago musician or instrumentalist Bald – and his followers can apparently remember that, too. “Ah, he looks like a Ruby from the ’90s again,” he is encouraged under the contribution.

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