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Fan rumors about Princess Charlene's appearance

Fan rumors about Princess Charlene’s appearance

Charlene von Monaco celebrates her reunion with her family with amazing shots. But some subscribers do not skimp on critical comments.

The basics in brief

  • Princess Charlene finally managed to hug her South African lover again.
  • Some fans are wondering why the princess’s face has changed.

Fans have been waiting for this for a long time! Charlene von Monaco, 43, is finally reunited with her family. Prince Albert (63) and Ordinary children Gabriella and Jack (both 6 years old) visit a sick princess in South Africa.

Share Charlene on Wednesday nice shots with her family. The Royals From Monaco in the beautiful scenery of South Africa. Royal family fans comment on InstagramSpreading Like a Wilderness: Most are happy to reunite the princess with her loved ones.

Princess Charlene at the plastic surgeon?

But only most of them! Critical votes can also be found among the comments. Many subscribers are wondering if Charlene made a secret visit to the plastic surgeon. One user guesses “unsuccessful plastic surgery”.

Another subscriber asks, “Oh my God, what happened to her face?” Another user agrees: “A lot plasticNo more beauty.” Another person suspected a “botched eyelid operation” behind Charlene’s tired face.

Did Princess Charlene have an appointment with a plastic surgeon in South Africa?

Only she knows if the mother of two has had plastic surgery or not, but one thing is clear: Four-hour surgery Because her ear, nose, and throat were inflamed, the princess was not supposed to leave her without a trace.

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