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Fan favorite Ada Wong should appear in the game

Fan favorite Ada Wong should appear in the game

In “Resident Evil Village,” the eighth mainline of the survival horror series, an old friend returns with Chris Redfield. Originally, however, he wasn’t supposed to be the only known face, as he had also planned the appearance of Ada Wong.

The survival horror game “Resident Evil Village” has been available for a few days and throws us into a bloody battle for survival in the skin of Ethan Winters. As is known, veteran series Chris Redfield plays a significant role in the story, but originally it wasn’t supposed to be the only veteran of the Capcom cult series we encounter in the game, because fan favorite Ada Wong was tentatively slated to appear in the game.

Resident Evil Village: The artwork shows Ada’s new look

This is evident at least from the “Ethan’s Story” art concepts set, which you get as part of the Trauma DLC. This is a gallery with a total of 120 artworks showcasing designs from different stages of the title’s production. One of the drawings shows Ada Wong in a somewhat unusual costume, because, like Chris, she must be dressed in all black. You should wear a long black coat and mask. Additionally, she was going to get into battle with her crossbow again.

A small info box available shows that developers at Capcom have tampered with the idea of ​​incorporating the character, which is popular with fans, into the game in early “Resident Evil Village” scenarios. It was conceivable that Ethan would be “rescued” by a “mysterious masked person” who could have been Ada. But in the end, the creators decided to abandon this idea because “different scenarios” collided. More details about Ada’s near appearance are unknown.

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Resident Evil Village has been available since May 7, 2021 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, Google Stadia and PC.

Have you ever wanted to see Ada Wong in Resident Evil Village?

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