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Falstaff Prize - 2nd and 5th places for Heuriger in Klosterneuburg

Falstaff Prize – 2nd and 5th places for Heuriger in Klosterneuburg

What makes the perfect wine bar, the perfect wine bar? Is it the ambiance, is it the selection of regional delicacies, or is it the excellent wine? “Falstaff” examines all this and tests the best wine bars. Klosterneuburg takes 2nd and 5th places in the provincial ranking with the wine bar “Schmuckenschlager” and “Hauerhof”. Fantastic achievement.

Every year the Falstaff Guide shows us where we can eat and drink well. Catering facilities are evaluated against established standards and are published in a volume. The “Heurige” category is particularly interesting for Klosterneuburg with its many wine bars.

Another point is three grapes. Isabella Rohringer, Hauerhof .99

The twin brother of our mayor, Johannes Schmoenschlager, achieved second place in the Falstaff district ranking with his wine bar.

Hornstein, Hornstein

Two institutions stand out in the rating, and the owners of Buschenschank institutions can be especially proud of the second and fifth places in the region’s rating.

Schmuckenschlager’s pub and viticulture originally started around 1860 as a small mixed farm. Since 2006, Andrea and Johannes Schmokenschlager have been allowed to run the business and continue to maintain good traditions. The company represents the highest degree of consistency in the work in the vineyards and cellar, with the aim of achieving the best possible quality of wine. The warm hospitality with regional specialties in the Heurigen business guarantees the well-being of the guests. With three out of four “Falstaff” grapes, the company took second place in the region’s ranking.

The “Hauerhof” in Kritzendorf is a very special gem in the Heurigen landscape in Klosterneuburg. The 400-year-old winery was renovated by Isabella Rohringer in 2009. A year ago, in 2008, wine production resumed at the Hauerhof.

“Another point and it will be three grapes. It’s a shame, but a challenge for next year. We are all very proud of this placement.”

and Johannes Schmoenschlager, runner-up in the region: “We are especially proud that we were able to improve in 2020.”