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False Moon Zoom in Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and Co: AI Moon Gate Controversy Rekindled After Fraud Allegations

Other manufacturers also like to fool themselves with pictures of the moon

If you want to read the interesting guide on Reddit, You can do that here. In any case, the critic came to the conclusion that Samsung extracts details from the image that are no longer there, and thus does more than computational photography – the accusation of falsification is in the air. Whether or not you can call it fake is definitely a matter of interpretation. Anyway, Samsung’s algorithms recognize the moon in certain situations and add details that the camera alone can’t record — in China, this topic has long been discussed as “AI Moon Gate”, like some Twitter users. Reminder.

Do smartphone users want to be deceived? It seems so, because other manufacturers are also more or less creative, especially over the moon. For example, is the image released by Huawei Mobile Boss Richard Yu showing the Huawei P60 Pro’s impressive night vision zoom capabilities actually “real” in the sense that it is not adulterated? We don’t know, but a brief search for other potentially fake candidates brought Vivo and Xiaomi back into focus. For example, @sondesix recently provided evidence on Twitter that the Vivo X80 Pro in “Super Moon Mode” simply inserts a larger, more detailed image of the moon into the image. After all, you have to explicitly activate this moon mode here.