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‘False autumn’ due to heat: Trees fall early in UK

“False Autumn” due to heat
Trees in England shed their leaves early

Great Britain has been hit by a particularly severe heat wave this year. This has an effect on the trees: they are already shedding their leaves, thus heralding a “false autumn”. This will affect the wildlife.

Brown leaves instead of bright green plants: In England, some trees have already shed their leaves. “We are experiencing a ‘false autumn’ due to heat wave,” London’s Horniman Museum wrote on Twitter.

Early leaf drop is a sign of stress. Trees try to conserve moisture. “In autumn they release hormones that they use to retreat and survive,” said Rosie Walker of the Woodland Trust, an environmental organisation. According to experts, younger trees are more at risk than older plants with deep roots.

Britain has had a very hot summer this year. The temperature rose above 40 degrees for the first time in July. It was the driest month in many regions of southern and eastern England. In the middle of the month, the government declared a state of emergency due to drought in much of the UK.

Animals may not have food for winter

“False Autumn” can also affect some animal species. As the Woodland Trust explained, the fruit ripens earlier, meaning some animals may not be able to find enough food in the autumn.

“The climate crisis is bringing seasonal weather patterns that are not natural,” said Steve Hussey of Devon Wildlife Trust. “Our long, hot summers and ‘false fall’ affect many species well into the true fall months and beyond.”