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Fall Guys is free to play and originally released on PS5

Fall Guys is free to play and originally released on PS5

Mediatonic and Epic Games for her As expected 2-play free version of Falling Guys: The Ultimate Knockout announced, which is finally coming to PS5. Xbox and Switch versions have also been confirmed.

with version On June 21 It also begins a new season with loads of new challenges and rewards for both new and old beans, as well as major updates to the progression system and a new in-game currency called Show-Bucks.

“As always, Fall Guys has been developed by the team at Mediatonic and will cement its position as the best gaming show on the planet with a massive amount of new content and updates. The excitement begins with Season 1: Free for All – a new season in which the beloved grains collectively arrive in the arena. Massive to compete for ultimate glory in new events and locations.

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To say our thanks, current PlayStation players can also look forward to the Legacy Pack, which includes a set of premium cosmetics and a free first season pass. The Season Pass represents a new and improved version of the game’s free progression path, which can be purchased with the new in-game currency, Show-Bucks. The free progression path for the game will be maintained along with the current Kudos currency.

Average Epic account supported fall men Also full cross-play and cross-platform progression.

For the original PS5 version, you can look forward to shorter load times and improved performance. Details will follow in the coming weeks.