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Fahrende-Platze Review - “The facility is great, but the space is very small” - News

Fahrende-Platze Review – “The facility is great, but the space is very small” – News


A new assessment has shown that the stands for travelers in Basel and Keizeraugest are popular with travelers, but they do not meet all the requirements.

Good, but with an area of ​​\u200b\u200b2000 square meters is too small. This is the epitome of space for travelers on the outskirts of Basel. “The place has been very carefully planned. “The infrastructure is good and very much appreciated by users,” says Simon Roethlisberger, Managing Director of the Future for Swiss Traveler Foundation.

The Future for Swiss Traveler Foundation, together with the cantons of Basel-Stadt and Aargau and the Federal Anti-Racism Agency, assessed the accommodations for the travelers. Particular attention was paid to the course in Basel, which opened in 2018, and the course in Kaiseraugst, Aargau, which has been there since 2004.

Not being able to work on the pitch and do our job is a problem. We have to pay the rent.

Engelbert Fauble, who lived in the square for the third time, says Basel Square is popular with travelers. “The facility is great, but the space is very small.” Especially when different groups of travelers, also from abroad, in Basel there are not enough parking spaces.

Report: These improvements are needed

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Basler Platz’s infrastructure is praised.

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In Basel, the ground keeper’s workload must be increased. The evaluation report also suggests constructing a children’s playground, giving travelers better information about children’s attendance at schools and creating an area for crafts.

In Kaiseraugst, the square will be completely renovated and equipped with modern infrastructure, according to the suggestions in the report. In the lead up to the renewal, there must be an engagement process. A playground and information about the school in Kaiseraugst are also needed.

“It also bothers me that we have to pay the rent up front and not get it back if we leave earlier.” Space is also expensive because you have to pay extra to buy a second car for the kids. “And the fact that we are not allowed to work on the pitch and do our business is a problem. We have to pay the rent.” However, Vuebli stresses that overall he is very satisfied with the place.

The worn-out infrastructure in Kaiseraugst

The assessment of the arena at Kaiseraugst has led to further criticism. This is twice the size of Basel. However, some of the infrastructure is in dire straits.

Since there are precisely a few spaces, travelers often stop at Kaiseraugst. Infrastructure has been used extensively in return. The last renovation was 15 years ago.

No problems with the neighborhood

There are hardly any problems with the neighborhood in Basel, says Stephanie Balzer of Basel Allmendverwaltung. “You can count them on one side,” she says, referring to the groundskeeper, who is always there quickly and can solve problems.

It’s mostly about the washers travelers put in the box rather than the washers provided. The problems that the groundskeeper finds solutions to. Thus, their workload has already been increased, as suggested in the evaluation report.