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Fabian Pammert at her wedding.  "It was perfect."

Fabian Pammert at her wedding. “It was perfect.”

Fabian Gere on our honeymoon: “We were on vacation in the Aeolian Islands before our big party. It was great – now we’re going to work hard again.”


“Samschtig-Jass” presenter Fabian Pammert (New Gear) married over a weekend on Lake Lucerne. Home Zug Blue News tells how she celebrated and why she took her husband’s name.

There is nothing to be discovered about celebrating at your beautiful wedding. When and where did you get married?

Fabian Geer: We got married last Saturday in Lucerne on Lake Lucerne. At the sunset bar at the Seeburg Hotel.

What kind of wedding was it, small and cute or bigger with a party?

It was a summer party by the water. We barbecued, showered and celebrated with our closest family and friends. It was perfect – uncomplicated and relaxed.

Why did you take your husband’s name?

Because after all else, the name also connects us.

Is it still honeymoon?

We were already on vacation before our big party in the Aeolian Islands. It was great – and now we’re working hard again.