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F1 GP Brazil 2023 photos: Qualifying highlights

F1 GP Brazil 2023 photos: Qualifying highlights

During qualifying for the main race in Sao Paulo, our eyes wandered from the television screen to the time monitor to the weather radar and from there to the sky. The Formula 1 community knew the rain was coming. Not exactly when you’re in the playoffs.

It took until the third round and there were only about five minutes before time ran out. By then, five teams had already bid farewell. Alpha Tauri, Alfa Romeo, Williams, Haas and Alpine were unable to reach the top ten final with any car. Here, the five best-placed teams in the World Cup – Red Bull, Mercedes, Ferrari, McLaren and Aston Martin – formed the best positions among them.

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Aston Martin excelled in qualifying.

Highlights the quality in the exhibition

Delayed rain before the big storm comes. Gusty winds made life miserable for the passengers in their last attempt. They slid their cars through sectors two and three. No one thought they were on a fast roll. It even occurred to them to abandon the attempt and head to the pit lane. But they had no choice but to continue. Cheered by their race engineers.

The World Drivers’ Champion has emerged even under adverse conditions. Max Verstappen gifted himself with an 11th pole position this season. This time Charles Leclerc had to bend to his best discipline. Monegasse recently took the best starting position in the United States and Mexico.

Lance Stroll, who many say is no longer interested in Formula 1, has achieved that sensation. Al-Kindi denies this. “I’m having a challenging season with highs and lows. More of the same lately. But I definitely plan to drive in Formula 1 for Aston Martin in 2024.” In qualifying, Stroll showed that he is a good racing driver. He drove his AMR23 to third place ahead of teammate Fernando Alonso.

When the storm broke out, the race management was forced to take the necessary measures. Rain soaked the road and darkness fell over Interlagos. He even tore off the roof of the grandstand in turn 12. According to the organisers, fortunately no one was hurt.

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