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Explorer by Boris Collardi now works with UBS

Explorer by Boris Collardi now works with UBS

Marcel Roca has worked in Human Resources at Credit Suisse for nearly half a century and brings in big names from the banking scene. Now working in Iqbal Khan Wealth Management at UBS, how search.

Marcel Roca (photo below) He assumed a mandate in Global Asset Management (GWM), the core business of UBS, headed by the former Credit Suisse banker Iqbal Khan. search by a result. Accordingly, Roca reports to the Head of Human Resources in the department, Andrea Saxeer. He is expected to work for Switzerland’s largest bank until the end of the year.

Roca should be familiar to many Swiss bankers. The human resources expert worked at Credit Suisse (CS) for more than 40 years until the beginning of 2021, where he helped build the so-called Talent Recruitment Department, which was looking for future directors for the large bank. Most recently, he held the coveted position of Managing Director at CS.

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Consultant in the company of former computer science cadres

His “discoveries” are said to include, among other things Boris Collardi. However, the French-speaking Swiss moved from CS to Julius Baer’s private bank in Zurich early on, where he was promoted to CEO in 2009 at the age of 34. Collardi later became a partner in Geneva-based private bank Pictet, and is now a board member and minority shareholder of Zurich-based rival EFG International.

At the request of UBS did not comment on the commitment. Roca himself does not comment on this. But the consulting firm in Zurich confirmed it DR-RH, Where the HR specialist served as an external partner and consultant, Roca withdrew temporarily due to mandate at UBS. DR-RH is managed by former computer services managers and puts the team between independent asset managers and private banks.

Retain customer services bankers at UBS

With Roca committed, UBS has managed a coup: the Swiss should know the top talent personally from a long service in CS, which UBS acquired last March. In Wealth Management, UBS is keen to keep CS employees and their wealthy clients with the company.

With the acquisition of CS, the big bank has set itself the clear goal of becoming a $5 trillion giant in global private banking. To do this, you must now switch from integration to growth mode as quickly as possible.

Are sustainable investments still needed?

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