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Expert says Prince Harry will never live in England again

Prince Harry, 38, is currently in London to file a lawsuit against Associated Newspapers Limited. But one expert rules out that the royal seal will ever live in Great Britain again. The current visit to London is “very revealing”.

In the trial against the media group, several celebrities are suing for privacy violations. The phones are said to have been hacked and tapped.

Prince Harry also testified and fired at the palace, according to media reports: The Foundation has made it clear that members of the royal family do not need to know anything about the phone hack. “It was made clear to me that the royal family did not sit on the witness stand because that might open a hornet’s nest.”

So Harry points out that the royals knew about the wiretap but didn’t want to do anything. After the memoir and the Netflix documentary, that’s another accusation. “Harry is not interested in reconciling with his family,” says royal author Andrew Larman in “Royally US.” Another indication is that he did not meet any of his family members while living in London.

According to the expert, his homeland is a thing of the past. Harry has a new life, completely different and he can’t go back. “There is no way to go back to the UK and live a normal life there.”

Harry is expected to return to his adopted home of Montecito, USA, as soon as possible after the trial. Unplanned meeting with his father. King Charles is “very busy”.