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Expansion: German Airlines acquires five ATR freighters

Expansion: German Airlines acquires five ATR freighters

The German airline is building the cargo business again. According to a report, German Airlines has ordered five ATR 72 F aircraft for this purpose.

It’s back to basics in a sense. In October 2017, the Berlin logistics company Zeitfracht acquired WDL Aviation. For a long time, the Cologne-based airline flew parcels and general cargo across Europe with its planes.

Meanwhile, the new owner has renamed German Airlines and is primarily focused on the full service rental business. The fleet currently consists of four Embraer E190 aircraft, and the Fifth Fleet will soon follow. But Zeitfracht has more plans for their carrier. According to a report by flight data provider CH Aviation, German Airlines plans to rebuild a cargo area and thus do what made the WDL successful in the past.

stationed in Rostock

So the ATR 72-600 F will soon be joining the Aircraft Park. In total, Zeitfracht has ordered five of the cargo helicopters, the report says. The aircraft will be stationed in Rostock Lag. North Germany The Berlin Group bought the airport last November. It will also be maintained there in the future and hopes to attract large cargo airlines to Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Airport.

German Airlines does not comment on the report. However, ATR registered an order for five ATR 72s from an anonymous customer last year.