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exhausted?  The 27 funniest fails of the week that will wake you up instantly

exhausted? The 27 funniest fails of the week that will wake you up instantly

Tuesday failed

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Here are the funniest pictures and GIFs the Internet has posted this week. If you then post your results in the comments, we will be busy together for almost a whole day, and your bosses will be happy that you are in a good mood today.

Great right? Where can you get this service?

Let's not waste any time!

Let's start with: a lot of enthusiasm.

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Well, then: lots of momentum!

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Wake up, it's Tuesday again!

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Yes…definitely on Tuesday.

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Just create a quick and hilarious video for Tiktok.

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Always stay hydrated while exercising!

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The man next to him no longer understood the world.

Mmm, delicious lemon slice.

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He means. Look how cute he looks at first.

Did you go to the mountains this year?

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Related: Not sure if she's failing or winning.

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Come here again Some pictures …

Hide the cake well, my dear!

Foolish Tuesday: The cat sits on a hidden cake

The cake is there so Fluffy doesn't sit on it.

Oh, the party basement!

A disco-branded van drives Steve home

You're not allowed to do anything anymore. 🙁

Sign of failure: Do not throw children away.

That's kind of sweet.

Funny receipt from delivery service.

Please knock quietly. I'm actually on a diet.

Mock week:

Fail or win?  This copycat version of Super Mario is now called Super Merio

It's me… Mirio.

Not bad either:

Funny fake from Gucci.  Jinsi.

How tall do you have to be to reach heaven, Jesus?

Tuesday Failure: Jesus strikes a strange pose

Matching: A fun slideshow about the sculptures

It continues below…


are you hungry? These fifteen sculptures are in even worse condition

When you think about what you stuffed into yourself:

picture: tweet

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Deal of the week:

Tuesday Fail: I love Hot Dads kids t-shirt
Tuesday Fail: I love Hot Dads kids t-shirt

Image: Reddit

Us too, the bus. we too …

Bus with ad helped me

We would like to know the story behind it.

Tuesday Failure: Funny sign about tickling the hairdresser

When your annual resolutions slowly fade away.

Failure Tuesday: Shirt: Never Try Your Best, Quit

Never try your best. Stop it.

Match this tag.

Tuesday failure: a strange sign.  Don't pull, just push?

Hello nervous breakdown.

My problem.

Tuesday Failure: School is spelled incorrectly

Did we actually go to the gym today?

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Old but cool:

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Maybe that was a little painful.

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(He's fine, he's fine. Maybe his food hurts him a little.)

… Goodbye!

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Win bonus

When it's really cold, you can play Frisbee.

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now you? Yay!


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