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“Exciting Sturridge Commitment”: Former Liverpool Symptoms in Australia

One year in Perth Glory

Daniel Sturridge (32) continues his life in Australia. The former England striker recorded most of his professional games (and goals) at Liverpool FC, signing a one-season contract with Perth Glory.

A-League club, former “Three Lions” striker Robbie Fowler was on a one-year deal, celebrating his signing via social media. Enthusiastic Australians talked about the “exciting Sturridge commitment”. Sturridge himself said: “This is a wonderful opportunity to have a new experience.” It finally felt right as the one and a half year disorder was over.

In the spring of 2020, Sturridge’s last contract with his first foreign club, Tropsonsport, was terminated before the player could be suspended from his home country for racing offenses. Liverpool FC paid Chelsea ஸ்ட 15 million for Sturridge in 2013, which was transferred to Manchester City over 7 7 million in 2009 (2009). 96 match games (24 goals) for the Blues are compared to 160 games (68 goals) for the Reds. Sturridge was finally fit in the RCD Mallorca.


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