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Ex-ZFF Director Karl Sporry brings Hollywood star to Switzerland – News

Ex-ZFF Director Karl Sporry brings Hollywood star to Switzerland – News


Producer Karl Sporry shuttles between Los Angeles and Zurich. He brought Helen Mirren to Switzerland for his new project.

He's living the American dream: Carl Spurry is a Hollywood film producer. “G&G” host Joel Grolemund meets Carl Sperry at a movie theater on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica.

He explains that it is still one of the old cinemas. It can be compared to the cinema in Zurich, where it still shows old classic films. He himself had some excellent performances in this cinema.

Obviously — because Sporri co-produced a movie that could win two Oscars on Sunday. Annette Bening was nominated for Best Actress, and Jodie Foster was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for “Niad.”

But he does not want to claim false laurels for this. Film is always a collective thing. According to the producer, there are many others who did a lot in this film.

Latest production with Helen Mirren

With another project, Sporri brings the magic of Hollywood to Switzerland. The production of “Switzerland” is set in Zurich and Ticino and is based on the autobiography. The film revolves around Patricia Highsmith, played by British actress Helen Mirren.

“We are always trying to bring Hollywood to Switzerland and do things that are a little bit special or maybe less seen in our country,” says Sporri.

It's always a small miracle when a movie comes together in the end.

Filming is scheduled to begin in Switzerland in the fall. Until then, Spoerri will handle the filming and location preparations and finance the project.

A partner from the public sector is required. “It's still a long way to go and it's always a small miracle when the film finally comes around,” he says.

One of the founders of “ZFF”

Karl Sporry once co-founded the Zurich Film Festival and worked as a director for 15 years. Three years ago, he handed over this operational position to Christian Young and he is now a member of the Board of Directors.

He made this decision consciously: “At some point, it's time to start something new. After 15 years, the work becomes a bit redundant, and you're happy when you can take on new challenges.

A man in front of the podium


Karl Spoerri has been a director at ZFF for 15 years.

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“ZFF” was an open door for Spoerri. It was helpful to know other producers and filmmakers and be able to develop films accordingly.

Despite this advantage, communicating with Hollywood stars is not easy. “I can’t call them and say, ‘Yes, I’ll do it for you, Karl.’ Projects like this sometimes take years.” Ultimately, it's always a long road, and as with ZFF, it always takes a little luck, says the 51-year-old.



Carl Sporry with his wife Viviana Visani.

Getty Images/Andreas Rentz

Karl Sporry shuttles between work in Los Angeles and Zurich. Together with a partner he met at ZFF, he runs the film production company Zurich Avenue in Switzerland. They are used to working together. “We don't know any different. That's great.”