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Ex-Schalke will play with Swiss coaches

Ex-Schalke will play with Swiss coaches

Belgian Benito Raman left Schalke 04 after the embarrassing season. He doesn’t say a good word about coach Christian Gross.

The basics in brief

  • Christian Gross was only on the sidelines in 11 games at Schalke.
  • During this time, the Swiss got it all wrong, a former player reveals.
  • Benito Raman: “He didn’t even know our names.”

Christian Gross failed in his mission by landing Schalke 04 has crashed. After eleven matches, only one The Swiss should have won Clear his locker again.

With 0.45 points per game, he has the worst S04 coach record. Schalke It comes down without singing or voice.

After the horror season, striker Benito Raman escaped. And now the Belgian, who has been home since this summer, is packing his belongings RSC Anderlecht He plays against «Het Nieuwsblad». «If I had another half year Schalke “If I had stayed, I would have stopped playing football,” Raman said.

“In the era of Christian Gross, there were no tactics and no phases of calm”

Like many others, he did not get along with Christian Gross at all. “He didn’t even know our names. Once Gross asked a player who had been injured for a long time: ‘Ah, are you injured?’ Nothing happened under him, we had no tactics, no quiet phases.”

Will Schalke return to the German League without Christian Gross?

also Training Variables It was totally inappropriate. « The day before the match against Bayern Munich we have on miniFootball goals have been played.

It got to the point that the older players came up with their own tactics. Then the experienced men sat down and said:the coach He wants us to play this way, but we will do it that way. Things often went much better then, but that didn’t save us. »

The cabin was like a “pig.”

Demetrius Gramuzis, 43, did not speak more favorably to ‘SportBild’ at the end of July. Christian Gross’ successor had to teach the players how to deal with team members.

For example, you have to fold things that you wore yourself. Under Gross, the cabin was like a “mess”.

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