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Ex-friend Laura wants to leave the United States

Timo Berger, Michael Wendler’s former travel manager, now wants to let Laura Mueller of the United States kick.

Brief essentials

  • Michael Wendler’s ex-boyfriend targeted his wife Laura.
  • Timo Berger wants to deport 20-year-olds from the United States.
  • The slanderous singer has to pay a lot of money to the travel manager.

Michael Wendler (49) was really confused – not just with his fans. Even with close friends, corruption comesMusician In the hair. So with Travel Manager Timo Berger. The conspiracy theorist owes 33,000 to his ex-boyfriend Franken.

So the wedding planner does not have much feedback about his clients. Ann Instagram “You can only keep your head there,” Timo said, expressing his anger at Wendler’s anger.

Michael Wendler: Laura violates visa requirements

That’s why Berger now has the rule in his hands: he loves Wendlers Teenage wife Laura Mல்லller (20) Expelled from the United States. The influencer has repeatedly violated visa requirements, for which he had ample evidence. According to him, these have been “with the authorities” since December.

“A lot of people have asked me what happened to Laura and why she is still in the United States. I do not know. But I will come back very soon and meet the concerned authorities again. “It simply came to our notice then Instagram.

“If there are no consequences, stay that way. Causing lasting damage somewhere is not the job of my life.” Whether they exist or not is now in the hands of the authorities. Laura of the country See.

Timo Berger hosted the mega party last year For Wendler’s wedding, Coronabedingt ins Water Fell. Now the two face each other Small plate Opposite – but only almost. Because: So far, Michael Wendler has not made himself comfortable in the courtroom.

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