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EVL fans dream about Felix Schutz's return

EVL fans dream about Felix Schutz’s return

What plans does veteran Felix Schutz have? Photo: Michael Siegel

What plans does veteran Felix Schutz have? Photo: Michael Siegel

How will Felix Schutz continue? The 33-year-old former national player, who is not conducting any contract negotiations in Mannheim, is manipulating him The end of the walk – or with the “ice hockey for fun” move. Now EVL fans are hoping the Erdinger will make a comeback.

The EVL Team for the upcoming season is taking very promising steps. But many ice hockey fans in Landshut have dreamed of that commitment for months: Will Olympic silver medalist Felix Schutz return to the red and white teams? The 33-year-old, who lives with his family in Erding and will be a father for the third time in July, has dismantled his tent in Mannheim and is currently considering how to proceed.

Very few EVL supporters naturally add 1 and 1 together – and sincerely hope that Schütz, who scored nine goals and ten assists in nine matches in his short participation at Gutenbergweg in the fall, will be set again by Upper Bavaria. With goalkeeper Olver Schmidt (Ravensburg), defender Benedict Bruckner (Schwenningen) and Tolzer duo Andreas Schwartz and Marco Pfleger, some top-tier players have scored so far – plus contracts for top players like Ruben Weigger, Max Forster, Marcus Bauer, Zak or Brin have been extended. .

“I am not currently negotiating with any club.”

Felix Schutz himself is keeping the disk very steady at the moment: “I play with the idea of ​​ending my career. That is why negotiations with Mannheim are unnecessary.” For the next few weeks, he wanted to think hard about whether and how things should continue. “This is why I am not negotiating with any club at the moment, even if I have contacts in many directions,” Schutz told the weekly.

“I’ve already played in America, Sweden and Russia and have seen almost everything – and have had other plans and visions for some time,” explains the 33-year-old. Physically, he still feels at his best, but the question is whether he’s mentally ready for a professional ice hockey. Schutz: “Either I’m playing another year or two for fun or I’m going to do something different. But I can very well imagine staying in the ice hockey field.”

Now he wants to let everything sink in and listen to himself. He also hasn’t set a deadline for when he wants to make a decision. So Landshut fans can continue to hope and dream. Finally, Felix Schutz also says: “The EVL was my first professional club, I have always had a great time here and still have great connections in Landshut.”