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Everything was cleared, but....the arguir flies with pskis on self exit.

Everything was cleared, but….the arguir flies with pskis on self exit.

The cashier is the same: Migros self-checkout station at Baden train station.

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Scan your purchases yourself instead of putting them on the conveyor belt at the checkout: Self-scanning is very popular with retailers. But the system also has loopholes, as evidenced by examples from Argao.

“Have you registered all the products?” This question or a similar question appears on the screen at the self-checkout prior to payment. A 30-year-old man from Argau could theoretically answer “yes”, but this is only half the truth. Because before paying, delete individual products. As a result, he stole goods worth 130 francs.

The man used this trick 14 times in various branches of Migros, Reports Argao portal «Argovia Today». Because he scanned the products for the first time, this was not considered theft, but he committed “minor abuse of the data processing system,” as the penalty order stated.

In the end, the roundabout wasn’t worth it: the fines and fees amounted to 1,040 francs – nearly ten times the value of the stolen goods.

It is not an isolated case

The gate also knows other smart, rude men in Aargau who have been caught at self-checkout in Migros. A 35-year-old man got a total of 190 francs from purchases with the same trick. Because she always went shopping in the same two branches, the Argau woman caught the attention of the security services. According to the report, she has to pay a fine of 1,000 francs.

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Are you always honest in your self exit?

Migros is aware of this trick, but the problem is not so serious. “The vast majority of our customers are trustworthy, honest and are using new technologies to simplify shopping,” Raphael Weiss, media spokesperson for Aare Migros Cooperative, told Argovia Today.

A request sent by Blue News on Friday afternoon went unanswered.

Migros self-pay general terms and conditions state the following: At the end of the scanning process, the customer confirms that all items in his cart and/or cart have been fully and legally registered by agreeing to the question “All items have been fully and legally scanned?” “.

What applies to self checkout

The option to scan and pay for your purchases yourself at retailers is increasing. You may have to face a sample. But consumers should know their rights, according to the Consumer Protection Agency.

The enterprise is different Advice about self-checkout assembled, one of which reads: «If it is decided that an item is not listed: you should have the opportunity to comment/explain yourself.» In addition, if non-scanned products are found, you should not sign anything in a hurry. “Because it can be an admission of guilt, in which you declare that you acted intentionally.”

However, one must agree to make a copy of the ID card.