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Even Microsoft makes fun of the names

Even Microsoft makes fun of the names

The name Xbox has long become a meme. Now even Microsoft is making fun of the label.

The basics in brief

  • Microsoft shared a photo on Xbox’s official Instagram account.
  • This is joking about the name of the internal controller.

Internet users have been pulling the Xbox name for a long time. So there are a lot of pictures around Control unit Next to the packaging offers.

To do this, they write the description of the joke: “One Xbox Box”. With The next generations The meme has been expanded. for example with One-Console: «One Xbox One Box.”

The previous highest point has now been reached with the latest console. Even Microsoft has appeared now Instagram I tried in the meme.

The company wrote “Xbox Series X prepackaged next to its box” (German: a number of Xbox Series X unboxed next to it).

The description reads: “We keep going until someone tells us to stop.” So we can look forward to more Memes We rejoice about the Xbox naming.

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