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Evaluating the dying process on the border with Ecuador and Peru – Brenza Latin

The XXII meeting of the National Officers for Action against Anti-Personnel Mines, almost held, was the framework for the analysis carried out by top military personnel and ambassadors from both countries.

The meeting was co-ordinated by the Foreign Ministries, which are chaired by the Ecuador Daming Center (Sentesmi) and the Peruvian Anti-Mines Action Center (Contraminas), respectively.

At the meeting, Luis Espinosa, chairman of Sentesmi and director of neighborhood relations, outlined the level of high cooperation and dialogue in the two relations, according to a bulletin by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Human Movement.

One of the central issues is the identification of strategies for the deployment of joint missions in the region to stimulate international cooperation to end destructive operations in both regions after the cessation of operations in 2020 due to the emergency healthcare developed by Govt-19. .

The two delegates agreed to jointly participate in international events related to the issue, particularly the ban on the use of antipersonnel mines within the framework of the Ottawa Convention.

They agreed to set up two workshops on humanitarian destruction and to work on creating repositories of photographic material, exchanging information to determine the locations of the operations used and the location of certain excavated targets.

The process by Ecuador and Peru on the border is in response to the commitment made by both states to the 1998 Brasilia Peace Accords.

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