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Evacuations advised - Flooding around Sydney after heavy rain - News

Evacuations advised – Flooding around Sydney after heavy rain – News

  • After heavy rain, areas around the eastern Australian city of Sydney once again inundated areas.
  • The water level in low-lying areas southwest of the capital reached 1.50 meters on Sunday, as images show.
  • New South Wales emergency services recommended the evacuation of some areas on their website and warned that rain could continue until at least Monday.


A rescue team rescues two ponies from a flooded area in Melpera, in the Greater Sydney area.

NSW Emergency Service / via Reuters

According to media reports, the Sydney area has already seen four times the usual amount of rain throughout the entire month of July. The weather service warned that water levels in the area could be at least as high as they were in March, when much of the same area was inundated. The first dam had already overflowed.

Meteorologist Jonathan Howe told ABC that in Menangel, about 70 kilometers southwest of Sydney, the river level has already reached 16.5 metres, just below the record level of 16.8 metres set in April 2022.

Ferry in heavy seas


This Sydney Harbor ferry struggles with the current weather conditions.

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