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"Eva Kylie has always been the odd bird"

“Eva Kylie has always been the odd bird”

Eva Kylie is being held on corruption charges. The Greek has always been an “exotic bird,” a now former colleague explains.


The basics in brief

  • Eva Kayli, former Vice President of the European Parliament, is embroiled in a corruption scandal.
  • She is said to have received hundreds of thousands of francs from Qatar.
  • According to a colleague, Kylie’s voting behavior was often “incomprehensible.”

Corruption scandal that currently surrounded the United States-detention Sitting Eva Kylie hits EU to the core. Former Vice President of the European Union Accused of accepting bribes from Qatar. in a Her apartment is in Brussels It should be around 592000 franc monetary Have been found.

Kylie’s electoral behavior is ‘incomprehensible’

For many it remains a mystery Why Kylie’s machinations did not appear earlier. Because Greek often causes the head to shake with verbs. In a speech she gave in November, for example, she said Qatar had been a leader in the field of workers’ rights.

Qatar of all places – the country where the construction sites are located for World Cup 2022 Hundreds of guest workers Died.

Now her former colleague Katarina Barley, who is also deputy speaker of parliament, explains to “NTV”: “Of course you are skeptical. But you have to know about Eva Kylie that she’s always been the odd bird of the bunch.”

So it “often showed selective behavior that was incomprehensible to us,” says Barley.

As an example, she cited the case of wiretapping in Greece: Kylie took the side of the conservatives government Put – not on their party leader. Although the latter himself became a victim of this case.

Do you think Eva Kylie is guilty of corruption?

Still, no one would have imagined that Kylie “should be sitting at home on sacks full of money,” says the deputy speaker.

Parly goes on to explain that the two vice-presidents of the European Union frequently clashed at work. There were “very difficult arguments”. “In many places I’ve taken a completely different line than I did,” says Barley.

Meanwhile, the Greek woman continues to protest her innocence in the corruption scandal.

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