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Eva Benitato and Chris Broy: The user is safe

Eva Benitato and Chris Broy: The user is safe

Although Eva Benitato, 29, and Chris Broy, 32, have become parents, the relationship between the former couple appears to be strained. Some fans are now expressing their doubts on the net…

Eva Benitato and Chris Broy: Has the split over the split been settled?

Eva Benitato and Chris Broy are not separated forever: despite Eva’s pregnancy and her pregnancy Planned wedding Entered into the “Battle of Reality Stars” candidates She has changed a lot emotionallyThe 29-year-old announced in tears at the end of April. According to an inside source, Jennifer Riley is to blame for this – and Eva also seemed convinced that another woman The reason for this is that the relationship with the 32-year-old broke up.

Eva Benetatou has repeatedly revealed details about the breakup on Instagram and Co, thus contributing to her followers’ hatred of directing them against her ex-husband. Will that change now with the birth of your son? On June 26, he saw a young son George Angelos Daylight and the new dad confirmed that he and his ex-wife Eva Bennetto have treated each other with respect ever since and will pull themselves together for their baby, but is that also true?

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Chris Broy: Revenge? “I have a feeling Eva is doing it extra.”

After all, Eva Benitao revealed a little later that Chris Broy was their son Only visited twice And the new dad won’t help her right now either – that doesn’t quite sound like peace. The two also seem to differ when it comes to dealing with their offspring online. While the 32-year-old stressed his son first do not want to appearThe former ‘Bachelor’ nominee recently posted a first photo of little George – and some fans seem to suspect it’s suspense:

I’m starting to feel Having Eva do it extra so Chris gets all the hate. Even though she knows Kris doesn’t want to post the little one on Instagram, she does (…) In my opinion, the two still have to explain a lot and find a common way of how to best do it for their son. I think it’s too bad that this is going public.

Also that Eva Benetatou gave an interview to RTL shortly after the breakup and cheerfully answered all kinds of questions about love during Instagram surveys, while Chris Broy preferred to keep quiet about it over and over again. for privacy racket, The user rates it as an indication that he suspects: “Eva does not need to answer the questions. It seems to me that she likes this role as a victim.”

In the eyes of some followers, Chris Broy couldn’t do anything without getting hated in the end. Only Eva Benitato and Chris Broy know what this suspicion is all about. The truth is, their fans split into two stark camps after the split. Hopefully they find a way together for their son…