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Eurowings and Tuifly: Germany’s overnight mail flights are about to end

Eurowings and Tuifly: Germany’s overnight mail flights are about to end

Deutsche Post wants to end overnight domestic airmail flights. A change in the law will soon make this possible. As a result, Eurowings and Tuifly are losing interesting business.

The service began in 1961. At that time, Lufthansa operated a night airmail network on behalf of Deutsche Post. Four Convair 440 Metropolitans and one Viscount 814 were used, flying passengers during the day and letters and parcels at night.

Even today there is still overnight airmail in Germany. On behalf of Deutsche Post, Eurowings transports mail between Berlin and Stuttgart at night with an Airbus A320. Flight numbers are EW3001 and EW3002. Tuifly serves routes between Hanover and Stuttgart (X3949/X3950) and Munich (X3951/X3952) with Boeing 737 aircraft.

30 night mail flights per week

These are not round trips on the same plane, but rather flights that are often in the air at the same time. For example, Eurowings flight EW3001 takes off from Berlin towards Stuttgart at 00:20, while flight EW3002 takes off in the opposite direction from Stuttgart towards Berlin at 00:15.

The first flight takes place weekly on the night of Monday to Tuesday, while the last flight takes place on the night of Friday to Saturday. In total, there are 30 night mail flights per week.

Changes in the law change the initial status

The Postal Service has long wanted to replace flights with truck trips in order to get its C02-Improving the balance sheet. But there is a hitch. “As long as we are obliged to deliver at least 80 percent of all messages on the next working day, we cannot avoid night flights,” Tobias Mayer, who now heads the entire group, told the German news agency dpa in the end. For the year 2021.

The law requires 80 percent for postal services. However, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection wants to change this by adapting the Postal Code and, among other things, reducing costs. It takes pace. According to the planned new regulation, 95 percent of standard letters must be delivered on the third business day and 99 percent on the fourth day.

“The Post Office plans to eliminate night flights.”

After the ministry presented the main points of change at the beginning of the year, the postal service commented in March 2023: “This will also enable a more sustainable overall service by eliminating the potential transportation of letters within Germany by plane (night airmail).” The ministry had put forward on Last Friday (November 24), it decided to vote at the departmental level, that is, to vote with other federal government ministries.

The post office’s position has not changed. “Deutsche Post plans to cancel the aforementioned night flights when the new postal law comes into force,” a Postal spokesperson told aeroTELEGRAPH.

There is no information about the duration of the contracts

This would eliminate the postal business of Tuifly and Eurowings. Both companies did not want to comment on this scenario in detail when asked. Eurowings wrote that “the new law has not yet been finalized” and referred to the publication.

A TUI spokesman explained that “for contractual reasons, no statements can be made about the current order and this can only be done through Deutsche Post.” None of the three companies wanted to provide any information about how long the contracts between the Postal Group and the airlines would last.

The video above from Swissport from 2019 shows a Tuifly aircraft being loaded with overnight airmail.