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Eurovision Song Contest: Buchholzer sings for Australia – News – Lower Saxony

Status: 02/23/2023 09:26 am

Formed in Perth in 1999: Australian heavy metal band Voyager.

A musician who grew up in Buchholz, in der Nordheid (Harburg district), will compete for Australia in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest (ESC). Danny Estrin is the lead singer of Australian heavy metal band Voyager, who will be traveling to ESC in Liverpool in May. Voyager is nominated by Australian broadcaster SBS. The band will perform the song “Promise”. It was written specifically for the ESC, Estrin said. Founded in Perth in 1999, Voyager mixes new love pop with 80s sounds. Another trademark of the progressive metal quintet is singer Estrin’s clockwork keyboard. After touring the world several times, the five musicians say they are now fully focused on their Liverpool work.

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