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Europeans want Tesla driving ratings even without FSD beta>

Some Tesla owners have been waiting since 2016 for their electric cars to learn self-driving with the help of enhanced software, as announced in the future with a $5,000 FSD option. Now its cost is double, and even to be included in the beta test of its latest software, which is still just an auxiliary system, You have to make Tesla evaluate your driving safety first. It all started last weekend in the USA – and many owners enjoyed the new “safety points” rather than worrying about the extra delay in extending testing. Meanwhile, European Tesla drivers know they will have to wait longer for FSD to advance – but at least they want to be able to play alongside the new safety assessment.

Tesla awards 0 to 100 points

With its 2021.32.22 software release, Tesla on Friday began rolling out its coveted “beta button” in vehicles with a paid FSD option in the US. Originally, you should be able to run it in order to get the beta program for your electric car through the next WiFi connection. Later, CEO Musk stated that you must first consent to the collection of personal driving data, and Only “good” drivers will be included in beta testing.

What that means, Tesla explained in more detail on a new website Friday about its degree of security — but didn’t reveal the value you have to achieve in order to be included in the beta program. Regardless, it didn’t take long for the first Tesla drivers who actually clicked the beta button to post the first results of their driving rankings to Twitter. Tesla clearly shows them 0-100 points and some kind of speedometer display from “unsafe” to “safe” in the app.

Almost perfect ratings were seen (see photo above), albeit often, distasteful. So the ambition of US Tesla drivers seems to go both ways, and in fact, they can score 100 and just one on the first attempts. Anyway, this applies to Twitter photos: the Tesla screen is very simple and clear and therefore easily falsified. In any case, some have taken their new role at FSD seriously and have complained to Musk on Twitter, for example, of mistakenly deducting points.

Europeans want at least a degree of safety

European Tesla owners can do it, just like they’ve done so far Beta test on the way to more independent or even full functionality, just to watch so far. Musk had already announced the US expansion in March, but it took until next weekend and, strictly speaking, still left him due to the current data collection week. However, in Europe, as far as is known, testing did not start with the beta program known as FSD – and before that it should have been Canada, Musk explained.

However, Europeans also want to share at least a degree of safety. Here’s the result of a Twitter poll: 85% of the respondents in question said they wanted to use this new functionality, even if you haven’t yet brought it closer to the FSD test. In terms of road safety, it is hoped then that they will also try to achieve the highest possible safety – unlike in the USA, bad values ​​should initially have no effect on when a job might actually be paid is at least a beta version receives.