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Europark Rust: Emergency on the roller coaster – Evacuation!

Europark Rust: Emergency on the roller coaster – Evacuation!

A strange streak of bad luck in Europark Rust! The popular theme park opened for the new season just a few weeks ago and, as always, attracts many visitors.

However, they have had to show strong nerve in the last few days: last weekend (April 5, 6 and 7) their roller coaster got stuck several times and rolled in front of a high curve. Then on Wednesday (April 10) the next crash! Suddenly the passengers on a water excursion had to be evacuated.

Europapark Rust: Passengers stuck on the roller coaster

Anyone who visits Europa Park Roast actually wants to experience the thrills just because of the well-ventilated roller coasters. But since the start of the new season, visitors should expect a different kind of excitement.

Within a week, two malfunctions occurred on different rides in the amusement park, the most recent of which occurred on Wednesday on the “Atlantica Supersplash” water ride. The railway stopped suddenly, Europark spokeswoman Lea Borer confirmed to the Swiss broadcaster Blick. Two of the train's boats were on the rotating platform when the entire “Atlantica Supersplash” train suddenly stopped. Due to a technical malfunction, safety measures were immediately activated and the train stopped.

Passengers were secured by park staff and then had to leave the water ride via stairs.

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Europark Roast: “And everyone always complains about Fantasyland”

Amusement park and roller coaster fans are mocking the series of mishaps at Europa Park Roost online and discussing it in… General group “Coaster Fans and News” About events. “The chance of eviction at Europa Park has never been as high as it has been this season. Anyone who wants to experience eviction has never had a better opportunity than now, and it looks like the park is not coming out of winter break well. “If you don't want to experience eviction, you should “Reconsider your visit soon and maybe go to the park later in the season,” a slightly sarcastic comment.

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“And everyone is always complaining about Fantasyland,” someone comments. However, others see the events at Europa Park Roost as harmless, with one man writing: “Where machines work, breakdowns happen. There are few people here. Nothing more, nothing less.” Ultimately, everyone agrees. But safety comes first – and that has always been guaranteed.