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Europa Park extends season to winter

Europa Park extends season to winter

For the first time in its nearly 50-year history, Rust’s Eruopa-Park will remain open between the Halloween and winter seasons. Theme park operators announced Monday. Everything runs under the theme “HelloWinter” and combines “terribly beautiful scary season” and “magical winter weeks”. From November 8 to 26, visitors can experience the combination of Halloween and Christmas at the theme park.

The winter classic then begins on November 27 and runs until January 9, 2022. Some attractions remain closed during the cold season, and you can check which ones are updated daily on the Europa-Park app.

A new elevated railway is planned

A new elevated railway will be built at Europapark Rust. This is to connect the park with the water park Rulantica, according to the “Badische Zeitung” report. At a height of four to five meters, visitors to the park can more easily cross the path without having to take a bus or their own car.

The road should lead from a hotel in the water park to the Andalusia Hotel, where it is located near the Europapark. As the crow flies, the track covers a total of 1.2 kilometers. One wants to ease the traffic in Rust by train. Compared with the «Bz» The Europapark press office has confirmed the project, but they don’t want to reveal more details just yet. The development plan should soon be decided by the local parliament in Rust.