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Euro 2020: Denmark loses to Belgium and the star Joker de Bruyne

Euro 2020: Denmark loses to Belgium and the star Joker de Bruyne

The game stops at the 11th minute: The stadium should respect Christian Eriksen(00:53)

This was something to talk about

What a goosebumps at Barken Stadium in Copenhagen! Christian Eriksen (29) is in control of the entire match, and is in hospital within walking distance of the field after suffering cardiac arrest. Many of the 25,000 fans carry Eriksen T-shirts, tags and flags with them. Eriksen’s oversized jersey is rolled out on the field before kick-off, and the classic “You’ll Never Walk Alone” soccer game is also played, which is of course also dedicated to the Danish playmaker. Opponent Belgium also thinks of Eriksen: before kick-off, Captain Vertonghen presents the Danes with a framed Belgian shirt (print name: Christian) with the signatures of all players. The most special action takes place after the whistle: if there is an interruption, the game will not immediately resume, and instead players and fans applaud for a long time and show their support for Eriksen. Small flaw: the game stops instead of as planned at the 10th minute (due to Eriksen’s shirt number), but only at the 11th minute.

the game

Denmark next to the shoe because of Eriksen’s drama like against Finland? not at all! The home team starts like the fire brigade and takes the lead in the second minute. It’s not a flash in the pan. The Danes are playing a strong first run, and favorites Belgium appear to be at a loss. But then Kevin De Bruyne (29) got into play after the break. With the star in the ranks, the Red Devils wake up. Belgium overturned the match with two goals in the second half. Bitter for the Danes, who put in a great performance and came close to a tie several times. But in the end it is still empty handed due to the amazing quality of Belgier Bank.


1: 0 | 2. Min | Joseph Poulsen | What a bad pass from Jason Denayer! The Belgian central defender serves the opponent Hojberg, who immediately moves on and points to Poulsen. The Leipzig star ensures that the Danish dream starts with the shot placed in the far corner.

1: 1 | 55. min | Thorne Hazard | Storm tank Lukaku reigns on the right, serving Kevin de Bruyne. His whole team shows, hits a clever hook in the penalty area and then sends Thorgan Hazard superbly in the middle, who just has to shoot. With Carrasco, even the second Belgian was ready to shoot. The Danes are angry with the reeds.

1: 2 | 71. min | Kevin De Bruyne | The Belgians let the ball run like a dream until Eden Hazard sent De Bruyne superbly, who executed straight through at full speed. Great joint production of these two noble nobles!


Kevin De Bruyne: What a comeback after injuring his face from the Champions League final! With De Bruyne, Belgium is two categories better, and the city’s star helps out and scores the winning goal himself.

the worst

Jason Denayer: The Belgian defender was probably still in the locker room when he opened the first goal for the Danes in the second minute.

Denmark – Belgium 1: 2 (1: 0)

Telia Parken, 23’395 Fans, SR: Björn Kuipers (Ho).

rip: 1:0 Poulsen (second), 1:1 Hazard (55), 1:2 De Bruyne (70)

Denmark: flatter[عامة]Christensen, Kiar, Westergaard; Wass, Höjbjerg, Delaney, Maehle; Braithwaite, Poulsen, Damsgaard.

Belgium: Courtois. Alderweireld, Denayer, Vertonghen; Meunier, Dendoncker, Tielemans, Thorgan Hazard; – Mertens, Carrasco; Lukaku.


Denmark: Nörgaard (Poulsen 62nd), Stryger (Wass 62nd), Cornelius (72nd Damsgaard), Jensen (Delaney 72nd), Skov (84th Vestergaard).

Belgium: De Bruyne (46th for Mertens), Eden Hazard (59th for Carrasco), Witsel (59th for Dendoncker), Vermaelen (90th + 5th for Thorgan Hazard).

yellow cards: 59. Wass (full) 69. Damsgaard (Schwalbe) 82. Jensen (false) 90. + 4 Thorgan Hazard (false).