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EU environment ministers leave the back door open for the internal combustion engine

EU environment ministers allow e-fuels to be used

Does environmentally friendly gasoline maintain combustion engines?

The environment ministers of the 23 EU countries cannot impose an absolute ban on combustion engines. As of 2035, only new, climate-neutral cars should be sold. This leaves the tailgate open for e-fuel.

Published: 06/29/2022 at 11:04 am


Updated: 2:48 PM

The difference in wording is subtle but crucial. Three weeks ago, the EU Commission decided that from 2035 new cars with internal combustion engines may not be sold in the EU. However, environment ministers in the 27 member states now want to sell only climate-neutral vehicles from 2035 onwards.

This is not an outright ban on internal combustion engines, as advocated by the authority. This defusing was preceded by a controversial 16-hour debate. Only the German government agreed until yesterday evening. Above all, the FDP in Germany was against the absolute ban on combustion engines and pushed through a change of direction by the federal government.