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EU Commission ranking - Switzerland is more innovative than all 27 EU countries - News

EU Commission ranking – Switzerland is more innovative than all 27 EU countries – News


According to a report from Brussels, Switzerland is ahead of European competition in all seven areas examined.

Switzerland is the leader in innovation in Europe – ahead of all 27 EU countries. This came from a report released by the European Union Commission on Monday. In terms of all the indicators used in the rating, Switzerland performed the best. This includes an attractive research system and well-trained workforce.

Another indicator is digitization. Among other things, the digital skills of the population are assessed. Here, too, Switzerland does well. Sweden – second only to Switzerland – also has a well-trained workforce and an attractive research system.

The Innovation Order has been around for 20 years

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The European Innovation ScoreboardThe link opens in a new window It compares the innovation performance of EU countries, other European countries and neighboring countries in the region in a comparative analysis. In doing so, it assesses the relative strengths and weaknesses of national innovation systems. The European Innovation Scoreboard was first published in 2001.

The report also emphasizes the extensive use of information and communication technology (ICT). Among other things, it measures whether companies provide their employees with IT training or the number of IT professionals in the country. And Sweden is strong there,” says Dennis Gooder, business editor at SRF. I looked at the standards.

The Balkans are in the background

In addition to Switzerland and Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Belgium are also so-called “innovation leaders”. The report called Iceland, Israel, Norway and the United Kingdom “strong innovators”. Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey and Ukraine are called ’emerging innovators’.

By regions, Stockholm (Sweden) is the most innovative region, followed by Etelä-Suomi (Finland) and Upper Bavaria (Germany). Hovedstaden (Denmark) ranked fourth, and Zurich (Switzerland) ranked fifth.

This is not the first time that Switzerland has topped the world rankings. But since 2014, the difference between the European Union and Switzerland in terms of innovative strength has narrowed, according to the report.

“One of the reasons for this is that Switzerland has done worse in terms of government support than in previous years – specifically in terms of funds and programs with which the federal government encourages research and development in companies,” explains Denis Gooder.

Another decisive factor is that some countries in the European Union have gained creative strength. Cyprus, Estonia, Greece and Italy are catching up strongly.