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Ethereum, Monero, Bitcoin & Co.: Kryptokurse am Sonntag unter Druck

Ethereum, Monero, Bitcoin & Co .: Crypto Courses Under Pressure Sunday | 04/18/21

Bitcoin price has decreased today to $ 55,249.15. Bitcoin has dropped a lot from the previous day’s level of $ 60,275.67 – sometimes as little as 15 percent was noticed.

Bitcoin Cash has decreased compared to the previous day. Bitcoin Cash is currently valued at $ 906.98. Yesterday the price was still at $ 1001.53.


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Ethereum is lighter at $ 2,144.40. The day before, the price was $ 2,331.34.

The price of Litecoin digital currency fell to $ 262.32 on Sunday. The previous day, the digital currency was quoted at $ 301.68.

The price of the Ripple digital currency is now in the red at $ 1.305. The previous day, the exchange rate was $ 1.557.

The Cardano cycle decreased compared to the previous day. Cardano is currently valued at $ 1,211. Yesterday the price was still at $ 1.386.

Today the Monero cryptocurrency track is priced at $ 314.21 in red. The previous day the price was $ 371.12.

IOTA is located in the red at $ 2.006. The night before, the price of the digital currency was $ 2,366.

Verge price traded at $ 0.0535 on Sunday. The interest rate fell below the previous day’s level of $ 0.0642.

The star is trading at $ 0.5080. The previous day, the price was set at $ 0.6016.

Compared to the previous day, it is easier to record a NEM cycle. One NEM is currently valued at $ 0.3898. Yesterday the price was at $ 0.4769.

Dash cycle fell. Dash fell to $ 290.90 after trading at $ 372.87 the previous day.

NEO is valued at $ 82.73 on Sunday. NEO has decreased compared to the previous day when it was still trading at $ 98.45.

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