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'Eternal' can't revive Marvel's climax

‘Eternal’ can’t revive Marvel’s climax

The Avengers did, now the Eternals are coming! The latest Marvel movie will be shown in Swiss cinemas on November 3. While the Avengers story was largely told in the big “Endgame” finale, a new superhero team is now in focus.

The “Immortals” are ten immortal beings who were sent to Earth 7,000 years ago to protect humanity from evil “perverted” monsters. Each of them has different powers at their disposal. For example, Cersei (Jimma Chan, 38) can change anything with her hands or Icaris (Richard Madden, 35) can fly and shoot lasers from his eyes. When the Perverts return after several centuries of peace, the Eternals must resume the fight for life on Earth.