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Estonia and Great Britain send troops to Poland

BOlen justified its isolation of its border with Belarus by “Europe’s security.” Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki Warned In the English language YouTube video am Sonntag: “Our common home Europe is in danger.” The “dictators” in Belarus and Russia wanted to destabilize Europe with an artificially induced migration crisis and higher natural gas prices – “for the first time since 1989”. During a visit to Estonia on Sunday, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said the EU was facing a “swelling, synchronized crisis” and noted the deployment of Russian troops near Ukraine.

Heckard Knock

Warsaw-based political correspondent in Poland, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Most of the immigrants who entered through Minsk ME Need, still in Belarus. He spoke of “a terrifying video of Belarusian soldiers explaining to Iraqi citizens and stabbing Polish border guards.” The video of the Belarusian independent media outlet Nexta_TV was also shown in several Polish media outlets.

“100 Most Aggressive Foreigners”

Estonia’s Prime Minister Gaja Gallus said: “Estonia’s security on the border between Latvia, Lithuania and Poland begins today. On Saturday, Polish border guards announced that “100 very aggressive foreigners were trying to force their way into Poland.”

Warsaw has received pledges to send troops from Great Britain and Estonia. According to Defense Minister Colla Lonet, Estonia will send nearly a hundred troops in support of Poland this weekend at the request of Warsaw. The Estonian reinforcement consists of video teams consisting of military police, spies and drones and engineers.

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British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace has announced that he will send about 150 troops to the Polish border “in the coming days or weeks.” He did not want to divulge the details until he had informed parliament, but on a visit to Poland he told the BBC they were “Royal Engineers”. They are trained to build fences, roads and other infrastructure. Not only can you help the poles, you can also help the Baltic states “secure borders”.