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Essence of Crisis: Final Fantasy VII Reunion

Essence of Crisis: Final Fantasy VII Reunion

According to producer Tetsuya Nomura, “Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion” will be much more than just a remaster. The upcoming game doesn’t have to be a complete remake either.

With Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion, Square Enix plans to release a modified version of Crisis Core, originally released in 2007. At that time, the game was only released for PlayStation Portable, but the new version is scheduled for release next winter for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One, as well as the Nintendo Switch. The development team seems to have mixed feelings about the topic of the project.

Discussion about the remake or remaster

Since “Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion” has some new features, fans are eagerly debating whether it’s a remake or a remake. It’s also clear that the developers had difficulties categorizing the title, as creative producer Tetsuya Nomura revealed recently in an interview.

“We had mixed feelings about it because we weren’t sure how best to describe the project. At one point, there was also a discussion about whether it should be called a remake or a remodel,” Nomura told Japanese website Everyeye. Remaster because the story hasn’t changed and it’s always the same game.”

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Technically, however, the graphics have been completely revamped, the models have been created from scratch, and many scenes that were only originally translated have now been dubbed, as well The combat system has been updated. We’re still not sure which term is best to describe the game, so we used Reunion. It’s really complicated because it’s so much more than a remake, but at the same time it’s not a complete remake.”

source: Nintendo everythingAnd the GamesRadar

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