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ESC: Nemo sings for Switzerland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 – SRF Radio 3

ESC: Nemo sings for Switzerland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 – SRF Radio 3


“Code” is the name of this year’s Swiss entry at the ESC. It's sung by Nemo, a former rap prodigy who is now a versatile musician.

The Swiss participation in the Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden has been confirmed: Biel's Nemo will compete in the second semi-final with the song “The Code” at the Malmö Arena on 9 May. “It is a great honor to be able to represent Switzerland in the Economic and Social Council,” says Nimmo.


He is only 24 years old and has already won five Swiss music awards: Nemo from Biel.

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Nemo is non-binary, meaning he identifies neither as a man nor as a woman (hence no gender-specific pronouns) and represents not only Switzerland but also LGBT people across national borders: “The Social and Cultural Council offers me the opportunity to build bridges between different people. Cultures And transcending generations — and standing up for the entire LGBTQIA+ community as a sexist person.

No genera or species

“Law” is also about overcoming social norms and ultimately finding and living your own truth. Specifically, the 24-year-old ESC actor sings about his own journey toward realizing and accepting not just the feeling of being male or female. “The path to myself has been a long and often difficult process for me,” says Nimmo.

Like Nemo itself, the Eurovision song does not adhere to common conventions and combines three genres – opera, rap and drum – which do not fit together in theory, but in practice merge into absolute power. He'll probably need a few passes to get a good grip on it.

From the “SRF 3 Best Talent” stage to the ESC stage

Nemo became known to a wide audience seven years ago when Nemo unexpectedly gave one of the best performances of the evening at SRF's Bounce Cypher rap summit and became a viral star overnight. Later the same year, Nemo was named “Best Talent of SRF 3” and received the award in 2017. Swiss Music Award in the Young Talent category.

Local dialect songs such as “Himalaya”, “Du” and “Ke Bock” quickly became examples of efficiently produced Swiss music with a great catchy melody factor. Instead of resting on his laurels, Nemo looked forward, experimented with English lyrics, began producing for other musicians, lived in Los Angeles and now shuttles between Biel and Berlin. Now comes the Economic and Social Council.

How was the Swiss Economic and Social Council law chosen?

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Musicians have been invited to submit their songs for Switzerland's participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 in Malmö.

The Swiss entry was determined by an international audience and an expert jury based on a multi-stage internal selection process. As in the ESC final, 50 percent of the votes were counted.

The project Eurovision Song Contest 2024 Implement SRF, RTS, RSI and RTR together.