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ESC 2023: United Kingdom – “I Wrote a Song” with May Muller |  Misc

ESC 2023: United Kingdom – “I Wrote a Song” with May Muller | Misc

Eurovision Song Contest

Great Britain: ESC 2023 – May Muller with “I wrote a song”.

ESC 2023: All the information about the song contest in Liverpool

ESC 2023: All the information about the song contest in Liverpool

It’s that time again: the 67th ESC will take place in May. But this time not in the winning country, but in Liverpool.

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The United Kingdom is sending Mae Muller to ESC 2023 in her home country. All information about the singer and her song “I wrote a song”.

The United Kingdom has once again chosen its entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 without a public preliminary vote. After much speculation that Ellie Goulding or Birdie might participate, the decision finally fell on an unknown artist: the 25-year-old. May Mueller. Can the Brits be proud to say “I Wrote a Song” at home ESC?

United Kingdom at ESC 2023: May Muller starts racing

2023 finds out ESC Held in Liverpool, England. In reality, Ukraine should have hosted the tournament as last year’s winner – but this was not possible due to the Russian invasion of the country. The UK has stepped in and is now co-hosting the Eurovision Song Contest with Ukraine in May.

Eagerly awaited who will represent the ESC host at the tournament. The big names traded — and were proven wrong. Finally announced: The Land of the Beatles and the band “Frankie Goes to Hollywood” – both hail from. Liverpool – May sends Mueller on the run.

The singer has so far flown under the radar, scoring only minor hits in her home country. But he can show a – albeit very distant – ESC hint: in 2007 he starred in the music video for Micah’s song “Grace Kelly”, released in 2022. Eurovision Song Contest Temperate in Turin, Italy. read more: All ESC winners at a glance

ESC 2023: This is May Muller’s contribution “I Wrote a Song”

Bookmakers, who have often surprisingly predicted the outcome of the Eurovision Song Contest, now see May Muller in the top 10. Not without reason: “I wrote a song“Modern and catchy. The song’s R’n’B-leaning style also offers the potential for an amazing stage performance. Also interesting: ESC 2023 – These countries are present

The song is about Mueller mourning her ex-boyfriend, but writing a song instead. Female empowerment In excellent condition! In between, the singer even delivers a short rap segment. Germany have recently had little success in such a game with Malik Harris – it could be different with Muller.

Overall, the singer and the song are reminiscent of popular American legends such as Dua Lipa (“Don’t Start Now”) or Mabel (“Don’t Call Me Up”) who already had success with songs with a similar message. So May Mueller doesn’t have a bad chance. Unlike his predecessor, Sam Ryder, he’s unlikely to take second place – it’ll have to be covered up. United Kingdom But not with rank.

May Muller with “I Wrote a Song”: British ESC contribution to video

The United Kingdom was the last winner of the Eurovision Song Contest

The United Kingdom is one of the “Big Five” at the ESC, so it’s always set for the finals. As with Spain and Germany, it hasn’t brought much success recently, with the country often playing a role at the bottom of the table. The only exception: second place Sam Ryder 2022, which enabled the British to host the Eurovision Song Contest 2023.

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Lucy Jones

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