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ESC 2022: Subwoofers working in Norway

ESC 2022: Subwoofers working in Norway


“Give this wolf a banana”, 2022 in Turin (final)

Status: 11/05/2022 2:30 PM

At the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin, the duo Subwoolfer battles for first place with the song Give That Wolf A Banana. The Norwegians easily overcame the first hurdle.

Who will represent Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin? That question wasn’t fully answered even after Subwoolfer’s Melodi Grand Prix victory, because Norway has been baffling for weeks as to who is behind the yellow wolf mask singing duo. Whether the two musicians were really called Keith and Jim, as their fictional biographies say, is questionable. The only thing certain is that the electric title “Give That Wolf A Banana” written by them and DJ Astronaut with self-referential bullshit lyrics clearly prevailed against NorthKid’s second-place squad in the Gold Final. The fact that Subwoolfer is Bård and Vegard Ylvisåker, who had a huge hit with “The Fox” in 2013, isn’t entirely ruled out.

video: Norway – Subwoolfer Give this wolf a banana | First semi-final (3 minutes)

Norway Pop Talent Factory

Norway has remained true to its high-performance preliminary decision format for the past two years through several semi-finals, consolation rounds and four finalists. 21 diverse songs were selected from nearly 1,200 submissions, which fought thrilling gold duels on a weekly basis. In addition to the top six semi-finalists and four wildcard interpreters, this year’s ESC entrants were also in the final show. Amanda Tinford and We are Domi, who started in ESC for Greece and the Czech Republic, but we come from the folk talent factory in Norway or live there. However, the highlight of the evening was a performance Tix, who has his song ESC He sang “Fallen Angel” with a charming Norwegian-English vocal version, which admitted 500 spectators who joined in enthusiastically.

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Subwoolfer from Norway with Marcel Stober and Broder Breeze.  Photo: collage

6 minutes

Two foreigners dressed in fox costumes pretending to be wolves and singing to Norway. This is understandable too. Very funny! 6 minutes

Internet hype about intergalactic divination

Even before the official presentation of Subwoolfer’s song Wildcard, there was a buzz on social media about the band, who claim they formed on the moon 4.5 million years ago and came to Earth with “the best song out there.” In search of Prophet Neil, who once predicted to Subwoolfer that they would become the most successful artist of all time. With the bookmakers, the duo quickly climbed to number one in betting odds on the National Preliminary Round. In the end, the lead over runner-up with 55,883 wasn’t quite as clear as it was on the Tix in 2021, but it was as big as the online hype predicted. So nothing stands in the way of conquering the world in Turin – the first part of the mission is done by surviving the first semi-final.

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Norway result © NDR

Norway has been involved in ESC since 1960. The country achieved its first win in 1985 – with the Bobbysocks and “La det swinge”. All placements, participants and songs from Norway in ESC. more

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