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ESC 2022: Denmark started with Reddi and 'The Show'

ESC 2022: Denmark started with Reddi and ‘The Show’


“The Show”, 2022 in Turin (first semi-final)

Status: 11/05/2022 11:00 AM

The pop-rock title “The Show” should bring Reddi to the final at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin. But for the Danes, it ended in the first semi-final.

The band surprised everyone with their “Dansk Melodi Grand Prix” (DMGP) concert. The Dansk Melodi Grand Prix (DMGP) final was broadcast live from Jyske Bank Boxen in Herning, Gotland. More than 10,000 spectators were in the hall, which was also full for the preliminary round. As in the previous year, Tina Muller and Martin Bregman led the show. Eight acts competed, three of which reached the finals. There, the winning act is found via SMS and voting on the application. Reddy was just a step forward. The group received 37 percent of the vote.

video: Denmark – Reddi “The Show” | First semi-final (3 minutes)

Reddi has been specially placed for the ESC Preliminary Round

Reddy is composed by Matilde Savery, singer and guitarist, Ihan Haider on drums (both from Denmark), as well as Agnes Roslund on guitar and Ida Bergqvist on bass (both from Sweden). The band was formed by drummer Haider with successful Danish producer Chief1 especially on the preliminary round. Talking about their song The Show, the group said, “It’s a song that encourages you to listen to yourself and follow your dreams, no matter what others say or think. We want to inspire you to never back down no matter what you want in life!” “The Show” was written by Chief1, two members of the Danish band, Julia Fabrin and Remy. The latter has already composed three ESC songs (including “Disappear” by No Angles) and writes for Jeanette Biedermann, Sarah Connor, Monrose and Jamelia “Superstar”.

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Reddi band from Denmark with Yared Dibaba.  Photo: collage

5 minutes

El Hotzo sees Denmark in the top three! Dose Points get old vibes in Reddy, but Konsi lacks credibility. 5 minutes

A surprise victory for Reddy’s “The Show”

The previous year’s participants won the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix Fyr og Flamme opened their title “Øve os på hinanden” can finally be played in front of a huge live audience after an abandoned 2021 preliminary decision studio and a slim audience at ESC. Singer Jesper Groth tackled ESC from Rotterdam in his own way in a rewritten second clip. Perhaps the international favorites at the DMGP 2022 were other than Reddi, whose song started as a ballad and then suddenly became a rock song. And so “The Show” could not convince the European audience and the jury of the first ESC semi-final in Turin.

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Denmark has been with the Economic and Social Council since 1957. The country achieved its first victory in 1963: Great and George Engmann sang “Dansevise”. All placements, participants and songs from Denmark in ESC. more

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