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ESA targets high: Europe plans space attack |  life and knowledge

ESA targets high: Europe plans space attack | life and knowledge

The European Space Agency finally wants to grow up! Today at the start of the International Space Fair in Berlin, Director General of the European Space Agency, Josef Schbacher, called on Europe to need its own independent access to space. Federal Chancellor Olaf Schultz opened the Land Department at noon.

Austrian Josef Schbacher has been in charge of the European Space Agency since only last year

Photo: Michael Sohn/AP

Background: In recent years, European cosmonauts have relied on Russian Soyos rockets. Having cut ties with Russia as a result of the attack on Ukraine, German and European cosmonauts can fly with Americans (Space X), but this also costs a lot of money and leads to a new dependency.

Aschbacher continued that space has become a new strategic and economic area, and Europe must not be left behind. That’s why you should be able to launch astronauts yourself, using a European Ariane rocket.

So far, European Ariane missiles only launch satellites, and in the future they will also carry people

So far, European Ariane missiles only launch satellites and cargo, but they will also carry people in the future

Photo: dpa

German astronauts Alexander Gerst and Matthias Maurer also support the plans. Alex Gerst: Europe needs its own system. Otherwise we are outside. We want to take the ESA to space and the moon.”

ESA chief Ashbacher noted the commercialization of space travel and strong private competition in the United States. “In the future, many private space stations will be built in space, and we must not leave ourselves behind.” China is also becoming increasingly important as a space nation.

Matthias Maurer, who has just returned from his stay on the International Space Station six weeks ago, said investments in space travel are also important to strengthening climate protection. Europe’s satellites are already performing important tasks in the search for climate change.