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Eredivisie director outraged that second place is worth nothing: ‘The mood is dangerous for the club’

On Saturday, Dortmund will play Bayern Munich, who could become German champions again early on. The fact that Dortmund are again in second place is no longer an itch for the club’s fans. This annoys Zorc Manager.

Zorc criticizes the BVB environment: Dortmund sporting director Michael Zorc is upset that second place in the Bundesliga is no longer worth anything to Dortmund fans. “We almost always finish second – that’s not good enough for a lot of people. It’s an uneven race,” Zorc says in an interview with Funke.

Dangerous mood: Zorc gets upset at what he sees as unrealistic expectations. “For second place, no one will confuse you on the back of Westenhellweg in Dortmund. This mood is dangerous for the club and its 800 staff. We need to walk away from being considered a loser if you don’t become a champion. That will be the rule, and we must have the opportunity to be satisfied.”

“Ten Ganapres”: Zorc explains that BVB is at a clear economic disadvantage in the race for Bayern Munich. “We generated 285 million euros less in sales than Bayern Munich in the last financial year. This difference means that Bayern can afford about ten more junkies than we can when it comes to salaries.”

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