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Enough space?  Doubts about plans for a new retirement home in Paderborn

Enough space? Doubts about plans for a new retirement home in Paderborn

Paderborn Benhausen. Planning for a nursing home and day care center for two to three groups can advance on the main street in Benhausen. The Urban Development, Building and Transformation Committee of the Paderborn City Council unanimously decided to start the development plan process.

As reported in the “NW”, the two facilities will be built on a former farm in the area between Eggestraße and Stadtweg. The city of Paderborn was able to purchase the area on which the required social infrastructure will be built.

The project is planned to be implemented with the help of an investor or operating company. Discussions about this are still pending. Due to the report, an interested party has already informed at this early stage of the development plan, Claudia Warnecke, Technical Officer of the City of Paderborn, said.

Andreas Kaiser (CDU) described the planning for facilities for young people and the elderly as “brilliant”. However, there are concerns in Benhausen. He had heard from the mayor, Franz Dreiler, that the residents of Pennhauser considered the area of ​​the nursing home to be too small.

In the future there will be more demand for places for the elderly

Ulrich Koch (SPD) also sees a greater need for places for senior citizens in the future. He also finds it strange that the need for a second day-care center in Pennhausen is also justified by the high demand in the neighboring town of Neuenbecken. He also spoke to Driller and the mayor of Neuenbeken, Sascha Popp. It should be checked here if it is also possible to set up a day-care center in Neuenbecken.

Gerrit Pappe (Grenz) also questions the justification for the need for childcare in Neuenbecken. Warnick explained that the daycare needs came from discussions with the Youth Welfare Office in May.

In the southeast of the site, part of the area will also remain in the possession of the property’s previous owner. He would like to build a one- or two-family house in a one-to-two-storey building.