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English Foreign Secretary James wisely defends the Royals

After accusations of racism against the royal family, British Foreign Secretary James spoke wisely – and defended King Charles.


The essentials in a nutshell

  • British Foreign Secretary James brilliantly defended the Royal Family on Sky News
  • He commented particularly on King Charles III.
  • Charles wisely stated that he was a big supporter of a multicultural England.

Senior Member of the British Government He protected the royal family. There have been accusations of racism against the palace before. And in the first part NetflixThe documentary “Harry & Meghan” discusses this.

Secretary of State James Cleverley (53) said now King Charles III (74) A big supporter of multicultural Britain.

Wise Sky News presenter Sophie Ridge said: Through her tenure as Foreign Secretary, she has had many meetings with the Royal Family. In this he met people “interested in supporting Britain as it is”.

The Royal Family’s approach to Great Britain reflects “the modern country we see”. According to James Wise this is his personal experience. He continues: “But I think it’s something that the rest of the world will see when they see us.”

However, he has yet to watch the “Harry & Meghan” documentary, so he can’t say anything about it. According to the foreign minister, some episodes of “Stranger Things” still have priority.

What does “Harry & Meghan” part two bring?

Part one “Harry & Meghan” There is a streaming service Netflix Published last Thursday (December 8). It ended with the wedding arrangements Prince Harry (38) And Duchess Meghan (41) in spring 2018.

The second part of the documentary will be released on December 15. Details of the drama within the royal family surrounding the couple’s departure from Great Britain are likely to be discussed.

In the first three chapters Harry And Megan Focuses on the beginning of their relationship. Aggressive reporting on it is also a major issue.

Allegations against Queen’s ex-mistress

Shortly before the first episodes of the documentary aired, there was a scandal in the royal family. The head of a British charity for Afro-Caribbean victims has revealed that she has been repeatedly asked where she is “really” from. According to their own statement, it was about an elderly woman at a UN event. It was later revealed that this was the long-awaited lady the queenLady Susan Hussey (83), played.

Hussey, a goddaughter Prince William (40), later apologized and resigned. The palace said what happened was “unacceptable and deeply regrettable”. A spokesperson Prince William He declared that racism had “no place in our society”.

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