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England. The British Tories are voting for Johnson’s future as party leader.

Archive – Great Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaks at a news conference on Downing Street. Johnson, who has been heavily criticized over the “partygate” affair, is expected to face a no-confidence vote from his Conservative party on Monday evening. Photo: Leon Neil / PA Wire / DPA

The main stone

Britain’s Conservative MPs began voting Monday evening in a no – confidence vote against Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The results will be announced at 10pm (CEST) in front of the running TV cameras, according to Graham Brady, chairman of the party committee in charge.

If more than half of the MPs withdraw their confidence in Johnson, he will lose the party leadership. The resignation of the Prime Minister will also be inevitable. It was only a few weeks before Johnson was elected heir to Downing Street.

However, according to party sources, Johnson was optimistic about the meeting with members of his parliamentary committee this afternoon. He dismissed doubts about his lead role as media publicity. The Prime Minister said that he was happy that the referendum was finally held. The Prime Minister said that this is not the time to return to your own axis. “If you support me tonight, we have a chance to stop talking about us and talk about what we are doing for the people of this country,” he said.

No one other than him could end the political crisis of leaving the EU, Johnson continued. The head of government said he would like to present plans to help millions of people get their own homes if he survives the no-confidence vote.

It was initially unclear whether all of this would be enough to get enough members of his parliamentary committee behind him. By the time the vote began, only 135 Tory MPs had publicly declared that they wanted to vote for prime minister. For a victory, however, Johnson would need 180 of the 359 Conservative MPs.