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England: Government survives confidence vote |

England: Government survives confidence vote |

Status: 07/19/2022 01:48 am

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has already announced his resignation, but pressure on the government in London has not abated. If he wins the confidence vote, he may now avoid fresh elections.

As expected, the British government survived the confidence vote it called. MPs in London’s House of Commons voted in favor of the government by a majority of 111 votes.

Outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced his resignation two weeks ago under pressure from several party colleagues and ministers.

Conservatives want to avoid new elections

However, if the vote of confidence fails, an early election will be inevitable. Even Johnson’s opponents in the Tory party wanted to avoid it because of poor poll numbers.

Meanwhile, the race to find Johnson’s successor is entering its next round. Currently three female candidates and one female candidate are contesting. There should be two candidates, which will be decided by the base of the party.

In addition to favorite Rishi Sunak, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, Trade Secretary Benny Mordant and MP Kemi Patenoch are also in the running. It should be clear on September 5 who will succeed Johnson as party leader and head of government.