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England. “Game over”? British media see Johnson on edge.

The air is getting thinner for Great Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson. One scandal chases the next by months. Various media outlets are now picking up the comments. The Conservative Times is calling for his resignation. Photo: John Sibley/Pool REUTERS/AP/dpa


British newspapers see Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson on the brink of collapse after two key ministers quit. After nearly three years, the head of government is on the brink, headlined many newspapers on Wednesday. The Telegraph newspaper wrote that Johnson’s future hangs by a thread. In its editorial, the conservative “Times” called for the Prime Minister to resign for the good of the country – “game over”, game over. “Every day he stays in the office adds to the confusion,” says the Times. Johnson is no longer in power.

The Conservative government is currently in dire straits. Both Finance Minister Rishi Sunak and Health Minister Sajid Javid resigned on Tuesday evening. Both linked this to accusations against the party and the government leader that the Conservatives were discredited. Other MPs also resigned from government offices. However, most Cabinet members expressed their loyalty to Johnson. The 58-year-old has been in office since July 2019 and has already faced several scandals.

The trigger for the new government crisis was Johnson’s promotion of Conservative MP Chris Fincher to a key parliamentary committee office, even though he was aware of sexual harassment allegations. Last week, Pincher resigned after drunkenly beating two men. The Tories are now in open turmoil. However, the head of government wants to continue. Hours after his resignation, he appointed two believers as ministers. In the afternoon, Johnson is due to answer questions from MPs in Parliament. In the afternoon he will answer questions from the parliamentary committee.