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England: British discover new pudding for Queen Elizabeth

For the 70th anniversary of the Queen’s throne, British confectioners are invited to create a special “pudding”. But on the island it is not so easy.

Almost everyone loves chocolate. The queen is also known to have a penchant for sweets. This friendship sparks a special competition in the UK this year. To celebrate the King’s 70th Jubilee, which takes place in February and is celebrated in June, confectioners across the country are invited to create new desserts. The official title of the competition: “Platinum Pudding Competition for the Queen”.

However, anyone who thinks that candy makers will now invent new puddles in memory of the Queen is mistaken. Because the word pudding is used on the island for all kinds of desserts. If you serve a pudding for dessert at a restaurant, it could definitely be ice cream or cake pieces. There is no limit to the imagination of the participants.

To the Queen: A pudding is more than a pudding

But in the kingdom today a puddle is more than a puddle How did it come to be? The word pudding is used to describe delicious food, often cooked on cloth, which can be both delicious and sweet. The word dessert is reserved for desserts such as chocolate mousse or sorbet. But over time, the line between the rules has blurred. In other words: “What about pudding?” If anyone asks that, they want to know what dessert is.

This is something that has already happened: as a sweet decorative figure on a cake, Queen Elizabeth II can wipe herself.

Photo: Aaron Chaun, PA Wire / DPA

One of the island’s most popular desserts is Christmas pudding, also known as plum pudding. This dessert is not found in any Christmas dinner. It is like a fruit cake, but not baked, but baked or steamed. So this pudding is more cheese than cake. These include dried fruits, candied citrus peels and edible apples. In addition, sweet dumplings are fortified with wine and topped with brandy-butter sauce. So this dessert is very rich, so “very very British”.

Prince George stirred the large bowl a little too much

So don’t miss this meal at the Queen’s Christmas celebrations. Two years ago, the son of Prince William and Duchess Kate, then-six-year-old Prince George helped make the traditional cake. A video shows the Queen watching with interest, but shows George retreating when he shakes the large bowl a little too much to her liking. The fans were less skeptical. The short video has been shared thousands of times.

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It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Anyway, experts advise country confectioners to add some seasonal fruit to the dessert. Chocolate should not disappear, because the king wants to eat it.