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Engine checks: Most of KLM’s Embraer E2 aircraft are on the ground

More than half of KLM’s 14 Embraer E195-E2 aircraft are currently on the ground. The reason is problems with the Pratt and Whitney engines.

With a fleet of 14 E2 aircraft to date, KLM is already one of the largest operators of new Embraer regional aircraft. In general, the Dutch receive Flying at least 24 E2 family aircraft. However, of the 14 aircraft that fly for the regional subsidiary of KLM Cityhopper, eight are currently on the ground.

This is unusual, especially for brand new aircraft. Some of the Embraer E195-E2s haven’t taken off since Christmas, and others haven’t taken off since mid-December. Two machines have not flown since the fall. For example, the E195-E2 with registration number PH-NXL took off for the last time on October 9, and the PH-NXC even on September 11, 2022.

As with the Airbus A220

According to the Dutch portal Luchtvaartnieuws One reason for the fleet’s inactivity is that inspections are required on the E2, Pratt & Whitney PW1900 engines. The problem is the same as that of the Airbus A220 equipped with the related PW1500 engines.

For example, it was only recently announced that the Airbus A220 from Air Tanzania is barely taking off. The airline said it was waiting for slots to repair the engine. Replacement engines were not available due to the tense situation of the manufacturer’s suppliers.

Airworthiness Directive of USA

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recently issued an Airworthiness Directive. The reason for this was “the uncontrolled shutdown of two engines during descent, which resulted in poor braking performance due to loss of engine power and hydraulic systems.”

The proposed Airworthiness Directive provides an update to the electronic engine control software. However, the FAA states that this takes only two hours per plane. If this is also the cause of the aircraft being grounded at KLM, there are hardly any slots available for overhaul. In any case, the disease also plays a role